Milling Mac

More than just firewood!

With our portable Alaskan mill, we can give well loved trees a second life!


Using an Alaskan chainsaw mill to turn a tree into planks.



It can be such a waste to turn some trees into just logs for the fire.

The result is use-able, beautiful timber.


Cross section of Macrocarpa showing the beautiful grain and knots



Sometimes it is not possible to gain access with a portable sawmill or it is simply not viable because the tree being felled is not large enough for it to warrant a portable sawmill being brought in and set up. However there are occasions when a smaller tree with a straight trunk can be milled using a large chainsaw with a chainsaw planking attachment.


Chainsaw Milling Coverack Macrocarpa, using a ladder to square up the cut


We had to take down this amazing Mac on the Lizard, Cornwall. It’s provenance was from the USA 1917, a merchant ship re-commissioned for the war effort. All the cargo had to be replaced by munitions and troops. Unloaded at Falmouth docks were, among other things, young trees. These seedlings found a home in any accommodating estate, or available space by tree friendly landowners!

Space made free by the toll of timber needed for trenches and tunnelling.

Many still stand today and thrive in our climate.



Milling Mac